Spelling Rule 39 - Common exception words 7

You will be shown the spelling of a word and then given various activities to help you to memorise that spelling. You will then be asked to type that word. If you can do so correctly you will move on to the next word.

You will be asked to type a word that is spoken to you. If you are correct you will move on to the next word. If not, you will be given some activities to help you remember the spelling of that word and then retested. You will be able to see your score at the end of the test and can download and print your results to share with your teacher.

Play Games

The games below can only be played if you have an active subscription (you can still use the 'Practice' and 'Test' activities above for free). You can register here.
  • Bullseye

  • Spelling Fishing

  • Spelling Maze Monsters

  • Super Spelling Bowling

  • Spelling Road Hopper

  • Mini Golf

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