Spelling Rule 41 - Words ending in –able and –ible Words ending in –ably and –ibly (1 of 2)

Watch and listen as each word in the list is broken into either syllables or phonemes and sounded out.

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Choose to practise spelling the words on your list or take a test with them. If you choose to take a test, your scores will be recorded and sent to your teacher (if you are logged in) or they can be downloaded and printed.

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  • Boxy Bird

  • Run Pineapple Run

  • Tower Block - Balloon Blast

  • Spelling Choppity Chop

  • Angry Andy Must Have Candy

  • Caterpillar Carnage

  • Spelling Fairground Shooter

  • Birds v Robots

  • Snowball Smash

  • Defend the Tree

  • Match the Wall - Spelling

  • Spelling Mini Golf

  • Spelling Road Hopper

  • Spelling Maze Monsters

  • Bullseye Spelling

  • Spelling Fishing

  • Super Spelling Bowling

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